Love Letters EP

by Love Letters

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Recorded at Shark Byte Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Hugh Baldwin


released August 26, 2014

Vocals/Guitars: Paul Haasch
Vocals: Brittany Davis
Pedal Steel: Bryan Daste
Violin: Lis Craft



all rights reserved


Love Letters Los Angeles, California

It takes two.

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Track Name: Traditional Love
You could have a man much younger than me,
I could have a woman who wants my name.
I don't need to know your history-
I just want to know you feel the same.

Oh this love- This ain't no traditional love.
Oh this love- This ain't no traditional love.

I could be the girl who won't complain.
You could be the boy who never cries.
But that would be a world we know's insane-
We made a deal to reveal how we feel inside...


And I won't make all the money.
I can't cook worth a damn...
But I would die for you, honey
Because you love me the way I am...

Track Name: Sleepin' In
Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat
Burning candles at the ends until both ends meet-
It's been 8 days since we had a date,
'Cuz you're gone early and I'm home late.

Love is never knowing where to draw the line-
You've got a 9 to 5, I've got a 5 to 9.
But if we can take a minute make a plan for the day
We'll find a little living goes a long way.

Don't change your mind keep the blinds down low-
Can't leave the bed 'cuz I ain't letting go.

We''l keep the sunset they can watch it rise.
Nothing in the morning is a big surprise.
They can all be jealous, tell the boss where I've been-
My baby and me, we're sleepin' in.

We're on the edge of breaking down.
The sound of your keys as you leave is such an awful sound.
Don't you go and disappear.
The best part of waking up is knowing that you're here.


Turn off your phone keep the curtain closed tight
We'll make the most of this late night...
Track Name: Love, Come Now
There were days my heart was weightless.
There were days I didn't sleep alone.
Now my soul's an old and gray mess-
Those simple days are gone.

Many hearts I've held and broken
A million starts- a million ends.
But every time I find I'm still open
To do it all again.

Ooooo I've been waiting for so long.
Ooooo When's it gonna go around?
Ooooo And I thought I was so strong...
Love, come now.

I don't need an hour of glory.
I don't need to settle down.
I just want to share my story
With someone in this little town.


And my heart can't stay open forever-
I can feel it grow colder each day.
Every moment that we're not together
Is a lifetime I'm wasting away.

Track Name: What We'll Do
Baby, we'll live on top of a mountain.
Baby, we'll be the centerpiece in some future fountain.
I know it- if we don't blow it.

Baby, we'll discover an island...
Baby, we'll make all of my friends so jealous-
There I said it. We can't forget it.

I will stick with you:
You be the paper- I'll be the glue.
And when we sing, the world will sing too.
That's what we'll do.

Baby, we'll write a great book.
Baby, someday I will impress you when I learn to cook-
Please hold me to it- I have to just do it.

Baby we'll set a record for days making love.
Baby, when it's all done please find me up above
And we will ascend- and do it all again...

We've been so good for each other,
Man have we grown-
Now I can't remember ever being alone,
And that's how it's gonna stay.

Track Name: Are We In Love?
I have this feeling- it's stealing my words.
I'm on a cloud looking down on the Earth.
I'm an incredible version of me.
The future's so bright I can't see.

Oooo are we in love?

I don't need anyone- but I need you.
I don't pick up the phone- but lately I do.
I am afraid that I'm falling too fast.
I hope that you'll be my last.

Oooo are we in love?
Oooo are we in love?

Throw me a line,
Just a sign from above
Is this the real thing?
Are we in love?
It's hard when you're in it
To see where you stand
But I'll follow you darling
I'm holding your hand
If it's meant to be, then we'll see...
Track Name: Love Letters
Wave your hands across the sea
I'll pretend there's nothing in between us.
Miles apart is part of me
Still everyone we know just wants to be us.

When my loneliness starts to swell
I kiss the paper lips inside your letter.
If you're my heaven, this is hell-
Only your return can make it better.

A thousand words a day I write
And when it's signed I find it's all your name.
I don't need your voice tonight,
I know within my heart you feel the same.

Still I check the mail each day
To see your love- to hold what you held dear.
An envelope from bright L.A.
Is all I need to chase away the fear.

Only time will tell how it will end...

So I keep on writing these love letters-
Hoping for a sign
Someday you will find
That if we keep on writing these love letters
There is nothing I can do-
I can only be with you...

And every word you wrote I know by heart.
I read them in the dark...


I can only be with you...